Stock Exchange Listings

Central Natural Resources, Inc. (Trading Symbol “CTNR”) is traded on the Over the Counter Market.

Transfer Agent

Transfer Online, Inc.

512 SE Salmon Street

Portland, OR 97214



Independent Public Accountants

Mayer Hoffman McCann

Kansas City, MO

How can I obtain an annual report or additional company information?

You may view or download our most recent financial information on our Investor Information page. To go to the Investors Information page, click here.

To request a copy online, click here.

Can I buy stock directly from the Company?

Stock cannot be purchased directly from the Company. To purchase stock, you will need to contact a brokerage firm.

Can I sell stock directly to the Company?

Although the Company does not have a regular program for repurchasing stock from stockholders, the Company does, from time to time, purchase shares of stock directly from individuals in privately negotiated transactions. Please contact the Company directly if you would like to discuss this further.

How can I find out about my Central Natural Resources stock?

Central does not have access to individual account information. To find out more about your holdings, please contact either your broker or our transfer agent, Transfer Online at 503-227-2950.

How many times has CTNR stock split?

CTNR stock split 2 for 1 in May, 1968 and 2 for 1 in January, 2001.

I have a stock certificate for stock in Central Coal & Coke Corporation, what is this?

Central Coal & Coke Corporation was the former name of Central Natural Resources, Inc. which was changed in December 2000. If you have share certificates registered to you with in the name of Central Coal & Coke, you may exchange them for new certificates of Central Natural Resources, Inc. by contacting our transfer agent, Transfer Online at 503-227-2950.

I inherited shares of CTNR stock. How can I a) determine the value and b) the cost basis of the shares?

a) The value of the inherited shares is the number of shares times the current share price.

b) Generally, the income tax cost basis of property acquired by inheritance is the fair market value of the property on the date of the decedent’s death. Tax consequences may vary, so you are encouraged to consult your personal tax advisor.

What do I do if I have lost my stock certificates?

If you have lost your stock certificate(s), you will need to complete a Lost Stock Affidavit to replace your certificates. Our transfer agent will be happy to help you with this and you may contact them at Transfer Online at 503-227-2950.

How can I get more information about the performance of the stock?

Information on recent trades may be found on many financial sites. Recent financials, including quarterly and annual reports, may be found on this site under the section "Investors".

What is a transfer agent?

A professional agency employed by a corporation to handle the transfer of certificates, conversion of securities, mailings to stockholders, payments of dividends, stock subscriptions and maintaining the stock records of the corporation. Transfer Online is the transfer agent for Central Natural Resources, Inc.

What does it mean to be a registered shareholder?

You are a registered shareholder if your name appears on the certificate or in the registration of the security and in the corporation books.

What does it mean to be a beneficial shareholder?

You are a beneficial shareholder if your shares are held through a brokerage account, as opposed to registered directly in your name. This is also referred to as holding shares in “street name”.

What does “record date” mean?

The date on which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to the next dividend that has been declared and not yet paid or to vote at a meeting of the stockholders. After the date of the record the stock is said to be “ex-dividend”. Dividends are paid to shareholders of record as of a specified date.

Further assistance is available by calling Central Natural Resources, Inc. directly at 816.842.2430.