Central Natural Resources, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, CNR Production (CNR), conducts oil and gas working interest activities domestically.

South Texas

CNR acquired its first working interests in two producing gas fields in Hidalgo and Starr Counties in South Texas in 2003. CNR further developed these properties with an operator partner through successful drilling and improved operations, resulting in sales of the properties in 2005 and 2007. In June 2008, CNR acquired a working interest in over 200 wells across nine separate fields in South Texas, once again allowing CNR and its operator partner the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from prior developmental success to increase the value of these properties over time. CNR currently works with several operators in South Texas and is active in both developmental and exploratory drilling.

Texas Panhandle

CNR has been active in the Texas Panhandle since 2008, where it owns working interests in producing wells and continues current drilling activities with an operator.

Arkoma Basin

Central holds extensive mineral interests in the Arkoma Basin (Arkansas and Oklahoma) where it currently leases properties for exploration and development. Current Arkoma Basin mineral properties generate significant production and Central continues to lease properties for exploration and development while exploring ways to work with operators to development opportunities in the area.


Central maintains mineral interests in Beauregard Parish, LA, a portion of which have been developed and are currently producing and CNR owns interests in production in Lafourche Parish, LA. Central has in the past participated and held interests in exploratory and developmental onshore oil and gas properties in South Louisiana.

Additional information on Mineral Properties and Working Interest Properties is contained in the PDF documents below:

Mineral Properties

Working Interest Properties